Ringing vs. Wringing (in Singing and Business)

Here’s a 2018 blogpost about resonance. For more cool stuff about resonance, check out this video I just found: ******** I receive daily email updates from marketing guru Seth Godin, which have been inspiring me to make some changes in the way I approach my studio management. This morning’s advice resonated with me in aContinue reading “Ringing vs. Wringing (in Singing and Business)”

This Small Room

If I ever do a podcast or a book, this will be its title….. When I was growing up, I lived in a small 3 bedroom ranch house. We had one bathroom, two good sized bedrooms (although neither was particularly large) and a third bedroom which we called the small room. Until I went toContinue reading “This Small Room”

You are NOT the weakest link!

There was a TV show on about 20 years ago called The Weakest Link. It was a winner-take-all game show that was a cross between Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Survivor. The host back then was a British woman, Anne Robinson, who insulted the contestants by sneering at their wrong answers and questioning theirContinue reading “You are NOT the weakest link!”

Why Community Matters to Me

We think of community in terms that may or may not be positive. Community theater is often thought of as less than in quality and value than professional theater (NOT TRUE) Community college is where you go when you can’t afford a “real” college (NOT TRUE) A community choir implies that there were no auditionsContinue reading “Why Community Matters to Me”

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Wholistic or Holistic Voice Lessons?

Should you be taking voice with a holistic voice teacher or a wholistic one? Is there a difference? Is the latter an egregious and somewhat pretentious misspelling of the former (some would think so)? And what the heck is “wholistic/holistic” voice training, anyway? Definitions differ depending on where you look. According to Merriam-Webster, “wholism” isContinue reading “Wholistic or Holistic Voice Lessons?”

What if you were your own ideal client

I’m currently taking Sara Campbell’s Branding Bootcamp™ course in order to get some more clarity on what I have to offer students – identify just what my message is and how my message can come across most efficiently to my ideal clients. The first thing we did in Class #1 is identify an avatar forContinue reading “What if you were your own ideal client”

Bloom or wilt?

I have written twice about blooming where you’re planted. Both times in the summer of 2017, a month apart. The truth is that I forgot I wrote the first one when I wrote the second. But that’s okay, because the first one was the seed, so to speak, and the second was  its germination. (AtContinue reading “Bloom or wilt?”

Back to Whatever

I am thrilled to announce that I have gathered together some fantastic folk for a 3-day series I’m calling, “Back to … Whatever!” This series is intended for: People returning to auditions for choir, performances (professional or community theater), college, school arts programs after a summer (or let’s face it, a year) where you might notContinue reading “Back to Whatever”

Amateur or … Duck?

As I was preparing to write this, I was looking for graphics for the word, “Amateur,” and the word “Dabbler.” I was able to find pictures of the former, but for the latter I found a picture of a … duck. A few weeks ago, I started working with an adult student whose husband hadContinue reading “Amateur or … Duck?”