Voice Lessons & Performance Coaching
for Pre-Professional, Avocational
and Professional Performers

  • Looking for someone to help you discover your voice and explore where it can take you?
  • Interested in musical theater and/or classical technique? 
  • Want to learn songs that you’ve heard other people sing that you could make your own?
  • Or maybe songs that you’ve never heard anyone sing before?

Then MEZZOID VOICE STUDIO is the place for you!

About Mezzoid Voice Studio and Curiously Strong Singing

What IS a Mezzoid?

It’s me. Back when I sang at the National Shrine in DC as part of the professional choir, my director, the late Leo Nestor,  said to my section, “Altoids, let’s try that again.” My response was, “Excuse me, I happen to be a mezzoid.” He said “what’s the difference?” and I said, “I’m still curiously strong, I just happen to sing a minor third higher.” (Cue music nerd laughter here.)
It became a thing. I decided it would be my email handle, and then later my website name, and now, my studio name. There are even a few people who call me Mezzoid. A select few call me Zoid. (FYI: You have to have my permission to do that.)

What IS Curiously Strong Singing/Performing?


  • Singing that is grounded in a strong sense of technique, whether that’s classical, pop, or musical theater (because it’s not one size fits all)
  • Singing and/or performing that takes risks and digs deep into the song’s text, its history, and its style
  • Performing that tells the truth and embraces both standard performance practice and new interpretations
  • Singing and performing that is confident, consistent, and constantly developing
  • Performing that welcomes in others as collaborators, as creators, as colleagues, and as an audience

This is what I mean by being curiously strong as a singer and as a performer, and what I want for my students, my colleagues – really anyone who is in my life.

Christine Thomas-O'Meally (aka Mezzoid) - The Teaching Journey

I have been teaching voice since 1998. Although it started as something to do between gigs that seemed like it would be better than typing and filing in an office, it surprisingly turned into a passion. I love to perform and love working with performers, whether performing is something they do as a living or something that’s a part of their lives. 

I am a firm believer that singing coordinates natural functions in a way to ensure a sound that is organic, free, attractive, and feels really terrific. Whether that sound is operatic, musical theater, American folk song, French mélodie, German lied, the Great American songbook, or new music that hasn’t even been recorded yet, I’m here to help you find your voice. 

Join me in becoming curiously strong as a singer, as a performer, and in discovering your voice – whatever that might mean to you.

Are you curious yet? Check out Curiously Strong Performing for even more!


Mezzoid Voice Studio is committed to serving all of its students, 

past, present, and future, and recognizing diversity and equality as essential elements of that service. Hate has no place in the studio.

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