So many possibilities

So after my 4 days at Shenandoah, I have beat my time (a PB) twice, made a trip back to Milwaukee to close out my house before our long-await sale, and come back to Baltimore.

On the trip to Milwaukee, I was hit by a semi. I was driving along in my MINI Cooper, and I’d been thinking about how much I really enjoyed the solitude of driving. It was somewhat meditative and I really enjoyed it. By that point, I had been driving about 8 hours, and if all had gone well, I anticipated another 4.5 hours of driving.

And then I saw a red and white panel bearing down on me. It was a CVS truck which had moved into the left lane to avoid a pothole (which I hit) and was moving back into the right lane – but I was there. In response to either my horn or my screamed obscenities (don’t remember which happened first), he didn’t run me over, but he did make contact with my tiny little car in two places – driver’s door (a small dent and two big scratched) and my driver’s side rear wheel well (huge – I have a wheel print on my car from where he hooked into it and tore off my wheel well cover). But the car was driveable.

The next day I got up early and went for a run. People wondered if I would feel any discomfort from the accident – no. In fact, that was my fastest time yet. Running made me feel grateful that I was alive, that I could move, and that the accident, which on paper sounds horrible (Semi vs. MINI Cooper), wasn’t really all that bad.

So now I’m thinking of possibilities – I have time available to me. Do I want to do a DMA? Is it worth it? 

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