Chrissie has REALLY left the building (for good)

Last weekend I was back in Milwaukee, emptying out the house, which is now occupied by the new owners. Technically, we still own the house – they’re renting from us till closing.

While I was there, I got to see a couple of performances (my husband said, “Are you there to bring stuff back or are you just going to see shows?” I said, “Both”).

Friday: Oliver! at UW-Waukesha, choreographed by and starring the wonderful Ryan Cappleman. I don’t really like the show, or at least, I haven’t liked the show in the past. Ryan did a great job choreographing the show and he was a fantastic Fagin. His “Reviewing the Situation” had so many layers I hadn’t thought of. His characterization was really unique – I saw a bit of Gollum in it (in a good way). It was a great show, overall (although I still think that Bill Sykes is a character that has no redeeming qualities and I don’t understand why everyone puts up with his crap).

Saturday: Les Miserables, Greendale Community Theater. This was a revelation. I’ve only seen Les Mis done by high schools (MUHS, Tosa East & Pius) and the movie. I wasn’t sure what the full show was actually like. This was an amazing and wholly professional production that I think Skylight is going to have to live up to when they do it in the fall. Studio representation included Lissa DeGuzman as Eponine, who was lovely. She sang and portrayed the role beautifully – flirtatious, noble, heartbreaking and courageous. Kat Geertsen was also a terrific addition to the ensemble. Friends of mine in the production were the fabulous Doug Clemons as Enjoiras, Robby McGhee as Thenardier, and Mara McGhee in the ensemble. I would’ve gladly seen the show again before I left and I kind of wish I did because on –

Sunday: I saw Don Giovanni, presented by East Side Chamber Players in the Pius XI HS Black Box Theater.

The DG was good, as was the Leporello. All the other singers sang pretty well. But –

I wish I’d seen Les Mis a second time instead. Although DG was free. Free is good.

And on Monday, I cleaned up, packed up and took myself out to dinner at Café Hollander to use their free WiFi.

Tuesday – got up early, went for a run and then loaded up the poor damaged MINI and hit the road. And 15.5 hours later (!!!), I arrived at home (there was a lot of construction).

I miss all my students terribly. And I hope you will all keep in touch. I may come back to town time to time and give a workshop or two. If I do, I will let you know. Please keep following the studio page and my blog to see what words of wisdom and silliness I have to impart. 😀

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