I will survive (I did survive)….

Once I was afraid, I was petrified….

And that once was this past Thursday at about 3:10pm EDT, somewhere in Indiana. As I was traveling westbound on I70, I suddenly became aware of a red and white panel looming at my driver’s side. It was a CVS truck who was changing lanes on top of my MINI Cooper. I honked… I think. I might just have screamed obscenities, I’m not sure which. Whatever it was, it caught the driver’s attention in time for him to avoid crushing me, but he did make contact with my driver’s side door, and more seriously, caught his wheel into my wheel well, tore off the cover, and left a big wheel imprint on my car with a HOLE in the body.

I’m okay. I managed to get control of my car and not hit the guardrail or go over the bridge. I didn’t start crying till later, when traffic went down to one lane and I was crawling along at 3 miles per hour with a semi in front and in back. Then I got hysterical. And fortunately, the driver behind me saw that and backed off.

It was a very bad day.  I’ve heard of “wait for the bus,” but this is ridiculous. (Somatic Voicework™the LoVetri Method inside joke)
But I, remarkably, survived. And will live to sing another day, and teach another day, and be grateful another day.
And I hope all you find something or someone to be grateful for.

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