Dream big and work backwards

At the NATS conference last month, I attended a session on “Training Music Majors for a 21st Century ‘Mosaic Career.'” The point of it was to prepare young singers for a career that is not either elite performer or academic, but being involved in a little bit of everything. It was geared toward the college teacher, but there was a lot of information in it that I thought was really helpful for anyone who is looking to identify what it is they do and how to get the word out there that you’re doing it.

It had a lot to do with branding and marketing, and one of the things that they talked about was the title of this blog:

Dream Big and Work Backwards

So what’s your big dream? Why do you want it? What are the steps to get there?


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How Would You Want to be Introduced?

Today I went to the Women in Theatre Conference: Empowerment and Connection. It was incredibly empowering and I felt a real connection to the other participants (so I guess it was a successful conference). And something happened right at the very beginning that really struck a chord with me.

A few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast on branding yourself done by my friend Megan Ihnen. In that, she asks you to identify characteristics that you see in yourself and that your audiences see in you (this could apply not only to performers, but to teachers/students or businesspeople/clients). And then think of how you would introduce yourself to people – and then how you’d like to be introduced by people.

The first person to speak at today’s conference was the Dean of the Arts and Humanities Division at Howard Community College, Valerie Lash. Although I am about to start my 6th year at HCC, I’ve never actually met Ms. Lash before. I have heard that she’s a force of nature, however, and apparently, this must be the case, because her introduction included these two words:

These are such unique words to describe someone.
Indomitable: impossible to subdue or defeat.
Tenacious: persistent, determined, dogged, strong-willed, tireless, indefatigable, resolute, patient, unflagging, staunch, steadfast, untiring, unwavering, unswerving, unshakable, unyielding, insistent (I couldn’t limit myself to just one word).
I didn’t know Valerie Lash at all up to this conference. But now, based on those adjectives, I really want to know her better. 
This is how I want to be introduced, both by myself and by someone else:
  • I am Christine Thomas-O’Meally, and I am a singer who helps people find their voices, either by listening to what I’m singing or by teaching them to sing. 
  • This is Christine. She has made a difference in so many people’s lives with her singing and teaching.

How do you want to be described?