My Favorite "Sings"

I wrote this nearly 17 years ago (!!!) when I was in the infancy of my teaching career, and it still pretty much describes my approach to vocal technique. I may have published this before but I can’t find it, and it showed up in my FB memories this morning, so here goes:

My Favorite Sings
To the tune of (oh, you know!)

Lip trills and buzzes and breath exercises –
Whimper like a puppy to find where your sighs* is –
Expand your bottom ribs as though they were wings,
These are a few of my favorite sings!

Sing thru the “stick shift” to free the passaggio**,
Blow on your finger to feel the appoggio,
Locate your resonance with lots of “ming-mings”,
These are a few of my favorite sings!

Don’t lift your chin up, it pulls on your larynx!
A noisy breath means you’re tightening your pharynx!
Relax your shoulders and all other things,
Get ready to work on your favorite sings!

Don’t gasp or wheeze!
An incipient sneeze
Will give space to you
And don’t forget if you look
weird when you sing,
You’ll probably sound weird too!

*sighs – balanced onset exercise
**a chromatic exercise for registration

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