Why I – self-care

This has nothing to do with singing but it just annoyed me this morning in a post on someone else’s wall. This is my response.

If you think that I am not authentic because

  1. I wear makeup.
  2. I get my hair done. Cut and colored. 
  3. I get my eyelashes done.
  4. I may or may not have done injectables in the past and would do them again if I had the money. Assuming I’ve done them in the past. 
  5. I like clothes that fit me well, are comfortable AND make me feel attractive.
  6. I work out to feel and look better. Not as much as I’d like to or should but I do.

If you think any of these make me phony or superficial or less authentic than you are, then YOU DON’T KNOW ME.

And don’t you dare suggest that I’m deceiving myself if I can take care of myself in the way that I like and also be a vital, creative, and damn powerful force of nature.


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