Playing Favorites with your Musical Children

This Friday, April 29, Ryan and I will be performing “If Music Be the Food of Love: A Culinary Cabaret” at Carroll University. This is the second of the cabaret shows that I’ve written for our duo, the first being “Oh, to be a movie star.”

As much as I loved the first show, the idea for which ruminated in my head and heart for 15+ years, there is something about the songs we’ve selected and the medleys we’ve put together for this show that really makes my heart happy. Especially this go-round, with a couple of different songs that suit us even more than the first time we did the show. 

Each song represents a different theme of food as a metaphor for a different life experience or how it’s used in culture. For example, we’ll be doing Jake Heggie’s “Snake” (original sin); “Vanilla ice cream” (plot twist), “The ladies who lunch” (status) and “If you love me, please don’t feed me” (gluttony). 

I know I shouldn’t play favorites – “Oh, to be a movie star” might be my first-born cabaret show, but there is something particularly special about “If music be the food of love.” (Hmm, kind of reminds me of my relationship with my dogs Dave & Pippin.)

It’s nice not to have to depend on a great turnout to break even, unlike our last few shows (curse the February 20 ice storm!), because they’re paying us and there’s no admission fee. But a great turn-out would be welcome not only because I’d love to have a full house, but because I think this is a great show and you’ll all have a good time! And I have to admit – I want people to come so I can pull a Sally Field and say, “You like me… you really like me.” (Well, hopefully not aloud.)

I’ve been kind of afraid of saying that because I don’t want to sound petty or needy, but hey – I’ve attended a lot of performances over the past few years and reciprocation would be really, really nice.

So – come. Bring people. The show should be over by a little after 8pm, so there’s plenty of time to go and grab a meal somewhere in Waukesha County. Lots of good food to be had, and after listening to us sing about food for an hour, you should all be hungry. (Another reason we cut “Have a little priest” – so people wouldn’t be thrown off their feed.)

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