VIVA TO THE DIVAS… great show!

A quick follow-up to my earlier rant. The show was just great, and without the extra person, it turned out to be just the right length.  The people who performed were cooperative and poised and confident. One of the girls sang with a sprained ankle on crutches. Now that is professional … amazing that it was from a 7th grader. Someone else came even though her voice was not working this morning and she had to coax it out of her body. Why? Because she knows that there will be times in her professional career that she is engaged to sing and her voice might say, “Let’s stay in tonight. I don’t feel like it.” So she did steam, mucinex, and she sang the crap out of both her pieces.

Seriously… unless your throat is truly on fire and singing might cause further damage or you have digestive issue that might cause a mess (a different and much more unpleasant way of “singing the crap” out of your pieces), you sing when you are committed to sing. Earlier I had included “or you’ve injured a limb,” but then Grace showed up on crutches, so clearly, that’s not a factor.

Next recital – June 6, hopefully at the same place – theme and personnel TBD!

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