The nobility of PERFORMING

Came across this on FB memories and it still rings true.

Why I sing

Last year I went to the NATS Chicago conference and bemoaned the fact that I had taken an unintentional hiatus from performing for nearly 10 years. Specifically, I posted on Facebook:

Something that makes me a little sad is that, although my voice is still working just FINE, thankyouverymuch, I missed out on performance opportunities because I focused so much on my teaching. Which was in part because I wasn’t getting a chance to perform. And while I love teaching and feel like I’ve made a difference to students (past, present, and future), what more could I have done as a performer??

It’s interesting to see the comments that were made. They mainly run the gamut from “I know what you mean” to “It’s never too late.” But there was one comment that was made that took me aback a bit, because I think it reveals the perspective that…

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