A critic and a performer can’t live in the same body (at least not at the same time)

Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time

John Cage pointed out they’re different processes. Doing one will interfere with the other.
What will you create today? You can analyze it tomorrow.
Years ago, I took a writing workshop that said, “You can’t be a writer and an editor at the same time.” I applied that to music as well, and went home and put a picture of the then-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel music critic, Tom Strini, on my music stand …. with an X through his face.
This wasn’t because I disliked Tom Strini. On the contrary, I liked him quite well. He was always good to me, even on one or two occasions where I didn’t deserve it. And he had been my downstairs neighbor for a time. 
The point was – you can’t be a performer and a music critic at the same time. You’ll never get anything done if, in the moment, you are analyzing, criticizing, evaluating, and self-shaming. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t evaluate your performance. That’s what practice is for. That’s what building technique is for. That’s what your lessons are for – and in your lessons, I’m the one who is analyzing and evaluating so that you can take the feedback with you to work on further improvement.

But when it comes time to perform, you have to do it. You have to create, express, and just be. Put the editor, critic, and analyst aside. For that moment, anyway. 

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