I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about decluttering my life in all aspects.

  • I’m trying to organize my garb closet/prop room so that things are easily accessible and no one is screaming on the morning that we’re heading to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, “Where is my hat? Where are my leggings? Why can I never find anything?” (Needless to say, this is not me, because I would’ve been looking for them the night before, not the morning of.) But I also want them to look good and I want to look at my things and see different options, not just “Oh well, I don’t know where this is, so therefore I’ll wear this instead.”
  • I’ve given away a bunch of jewelry and clothing that no longer suited me and I’m trying to determine what my style is. I don’t want anything that’s too fussy (at least not for every day – fussy is fine for special occasions). Right now I’m looking at streamlined and simple. Kind of a uniform.
  • And as far as my teaching is going, I’ve decided not to teach classes, at least this year. I just don’t want to have to grade papers, take attendance, and worry about classroom management. I only want to teach voice and do my own singing. And I really want to teach voice primarily at home, which is why I left Oldfields (keeping my HCC job, though).
  • Speaking of singing, I’m thinking of cutting back on some of the singing that doesn’t bring me joy. Kind of like the Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book. I enjoy my church job, Concert Artists, temple job, and hopefully I’ll enjoy returning to WNO this year, but I’m not sure I really want to do run-outs of gigs that aren’t that rewarding to me.
  • I want to pursue more teaching things like workshops, and take advantage of attending more workshops as well. 
It’s nice to be able to pick and choose things, and I am aware that right now I am very lucky to be in “feast” mode, especially after the 10 years of “famine” I struggled with while in Milwaukee. 

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