I’ve been mossified…

For the last few weeks, motivation has been missing from my life as far as getting my new residence in order, especially my new studio. Consequently, I have not been marketing myself as a teacher. Or a singer.

I blame some of it on this wrist injury, which I am pleased to announce will not require hand surgery. And part of it is just sloth. Which is not like me. I’m usually pretty engaged and hands on. But it’s happened a few times before, and usually it precedes a period of intense productivity.

I feel like “if a rolling stone gathers no moss,” I am but a large unwieldy boulder festooned with mossy growth.

Which sounds kind of gross and slimy, but then I found this picture and realized that moss isn’t all that bad.

In fact, moss has a lot of uses, as I discovered. (You might call this research further procrastination and a distraction from the tasks I really need to accomplish, but bear with me for a moment.)

Sphagum moss is a component in peat, which is a fuel. It is also used for its healing properties, to grow things in, in smoking malt for whiskey (!), to put out fires, as insulation, and for crop improvement (i.e., fertilizer). Spanish moss is used as decoration.

Moss is a sign of fecundity. What is fecundity? It is

1. The quality or power of producing abundantly; fruitfulness or fertility.
2. Productive or creative power: fecundity of the mind.

So, rather than disparaging myself for nesting or being slothful, I prefer to think of myself as fueling up for what I have to do, for healing myself (both the hand injury and other things we don’t need to get into right now), to grow, possibly to put out fires (see “things we don’t need to get into right now”), and to fertilize, so that I will produce abundantly and creatively.
And besides, while I always thought “a rolling stone gathers no moss” meant that someone who kept moving did not stagnate, the actual original meaning of the phrase was that a person in constant motion lacks roots and consequently does not cultivate new ideas, new experiences, new culture, new responsibilities.
I’m embracing all those things. Maybe not right now, but I will. 

(As soon as Mercury moves out of retrograde, which I think is tomorrow.) 

One thought on “I’ve been mossified…

  1. Ah, the great cycle of life. Sometimes we go underground to mine for jewels, then we come to the surface to share and do. Just like nature, right? In this day and age of do! busy! market myself! Be a product! you have to have some balls to be yourself in all your human-ness. Ball away, Christine!


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