I’ve started again….

It’s been awhile since I wrote – since February, in fact. And since then, I’ve put my house on the market, closed my voice studio and moved to Baltimore.

Oh, and I started running again. .

I decided it was time. And weirdly enough, I’m enjoying it much more than the first time through C25K.

Today was W5 D3 – which is a huge deal. W5D2 calls for a 5 minute warm-up walk, followed by 8 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, and 8 minutes of running.

W5D3 calls for the same warm-up, but then 20 solid minutes of running.

I was not anticipating being able to do that. I fully expected to walk part of it. But maybe it was the relatively flat path I chose, or the time of day, or determination – but I did it! Not only did I do it, but I finished before I’d made it home, so I wound up walking 2 minutes and then running the last 3.

All before 7:30am. Who the hell am I, anyway?

But it feels different this time. I’m not swearing, for one. I’m not listening to music as I run. I tend to count. To about 100 and then I start over.

Maybe it’s because I’m in better shape (Body by Zumba!), or maybe it’s because I’ve lost 14# (hello, Wheat Belly!), or maybe it’s just that I’m ready for it now.

In any event, I’m looking forward to week 6. Don’t know if I’ll run another 5K any time soon. Don’t know if I want to run in a pack of people or if I need to do a run at all.

Trying to figure out what this all means. There are a lot of changes.

I’ll try to write more on here. 2013 is turning out to beanother Year I Ran – and if 2010 was because of the death of my parents, what is 2013 about?

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