It’s a grand n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ day for singing!!!

Tomorrow, February 17, will be my penultimate studio recital. It is the pre-WSMA recital, although in this case, we are also featuring performers preparing for musical auditions, the Auditions Plus/Classical Singer audition, and the Greendale Community Theatre production of Les Miserables.

There are 19 people performing tomorrow – we are opening with Rodgers’ “It’s a grand night for singing” (but it’s only 2:30, hence the title) and closing with Gershwin’s “My cousin in Milwaukee.” Both will be sung by my two youngest students. In between, we will hear from five boys (the most I’ve had for a number of years, which is how I can tell the economy is getting better – boys are taking lessons again!) and 12 other girls. The repertoire will range from musical theater to operetta to opera, and we’ll even do a little bit of ensemble work as a preview of the final recital, which will be held on May 12.

The recital will be held at 2:30pm at St. John’s on the Lake. Admission is free.

Speaking of the final recital, I’ll need to know by 2/28 who is participating. I plan to coordinate the program during my break (3/1-3/10) and distribute music the week of 3/11.

Toi toi toi everyone. (I never say “break a leg,” especially this time of year – there’s ice out there!)

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