I’m ME again!

Today I performed the Chausson “Chanson Perpetuelle” with Muzika Piano Trio and guests Kay Black and Rebecca Schulz at St. John’s on the Lake. I have to say that it was the best singing I’d done publicly in awhile. I have to thank Connie Haas for making me realize that I was off-track (too much musical theater!).

One of my friends said, “I’ve never heard you sing classical before.” I thought, “You haven’t??? What the hell???” I guess it’s been awhile.

But I felt like I was singing organically, both technically and dramatically. I really felt engaged with the music in a way that I haven’t been for quite some time.

Things are feeling great. Next up: “Mother Comfort” and “Abraham & Isaac” in the Hal Leonard Showcase at NATS Orlando, and a recital with Kay Belich, Amelia Spierer and Jim Norden in November. I’m psyched.

I do have a new manifestation of nerves, which I noticed at the Coronation Mass concert and again today: Burping. Fortunately, it was easy to overcome.

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