My May/June 2012 issue of Journal of Singing arrived. This journal offers articles on vocal pedagogy on topics ranging from scientific analyses of the vocal mechanism to pragmatic points of view on studio development to reviews of books, scores and recordings.

The regular recordings column, “The Listener’s Gallery” is written by Carthage voice teacher and baritone Gregory Berg. This month, Greg opens the column with a review of a website, “The 50 Best Blogs for Opera Students” and profiles some of the great websites out there. One in particular is Susan Eichhorn-Young’s Once More with Feeling, which offers great tips for the singer/actor, especially ones based in NYC.

Greg also discusses a few blogs not on the list. I was pleasantly surprised was when I got to the fourth page of the article, and found these words:

A teacher in Milwaukee, Wisconsin named Christine O’Meally shares some excellent writing in her blog Why I Sing, including thoughtful posts on performance anxiety, how to effectively practice, and a hard hitting essay on the evils of illegal copying that is well worth reading and sharing.

Again I say, “Awww.” And it makes me realize that I start being more consistent with my writing.

Thank you, Greg!

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