The biggest risk I ever took in an audition

The last show I did was A Cudahy Carolers Christmas with In Tandem Theater in the winters of 2003, 2004 (onstage) and 2005 (run-outs, private parties). That was my first and only musical theater experience, other than the cabaret work that Ryan and I have been doing. Since my auditions for classical music have always been rather staid and presentational, I decided that I would do something a little different for the initial audition for this gig.

I had to prepare a Christmas carol. I knew that they knew that I could sing it beautifully, but I didn’t know if they knew what else I could do. So I decided to pick a carol that lent itself to a different interpretation. And in fact, I almost didn’t get to sing it, because Jane and Chris both knew that I could sing beautifully, and didn’t need to hear it. But I said, “Oh, please… this is going to be something a little different than what you might have expected.”

I sang “Silver Bells,” a song that I never found particularly comforting or joyous, but more of an expression of the frantic nature of the season. Especially since I do not have children and do not find masses of them screaming “Santa!” even remotely endearing. Nor incessant bell-ringing. Nor jostling for position in department stores.

So… I sang it as a mad scene.

“Christmas makes you feel EMOTIONAL!

It may bring parties or thoughts devotional –

Whateverhappensorwhatmaybe ….

Here is what Christmas time means to me….”

Hard to convey in writing but I got the role.

Merry Christmas! (And put down that bell.)

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