Richard F. Weber

On Sunday, March 21, I decided to take myself on an “Artist’s Date” (see Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for info on that concept) and go see the Florentine Opera’s Elmer Gantry at the Marcus Center. It was wonderful, although I did decide that the title character and the baritone portraying him bore a strong resemblance to Don Draper of Mad Men.

When I returned home, my husband told me that a private investigator had swung by to see if I have heard from Richard Weber. Richard is an organist and choral director who I have known for about 25 years now. I first met him at Calvary Presbyterian Church on 11th & Wisconsin, and when I returned to Milwaukee, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. He has been a great source of wisdom (musical and political) and humor (ditto) for me for this time, as well as a source of some income for both me and my students who I have sent his way for Christmas and Easter gigs.

I spoke to Richard last on January 2 of this year, and he told me that he had left Beth Luth and was going to be working at St. Stanislaus on the South Side. He sounded very upbeat and eager about this new job. Apparently, that was one of the last conversations anyone has had with him. He has not been seen at his apartment nor at St. Stan’s since January 4, which is when they gave him a check… which has not been cashed.

I’m very concerned about Richard. His 70th birthday is this Friday and I’m hoping that we hear from him soon; or at least hear something.

3 thoughts on “Richard F. Weber

  1. Richard was, and continues to be, a source of musical, political and personal inspiration to me as well. My last contact with him was by email, or snail mail. I hope Richard knows how much the Milwaukee music community (and beyond!) cares about him and wants him to get back in contact with us! There's nothing we'd all like more than to wish him a Happy 70th Birthday tomorrow, in person, preferably!


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