A Culinary Cabaret!

Tomorrow, Ryan and I perform our 2nd cabaret show, If Music Be the Food of Love: A Culinary Cabaret at the Times Cinema Theater, 5906 West Vliet Street, Milwaukee. The show starts at 1:30pm, and will be followed by the 1996 movie Big Night.

I like pairing shows with movies that share a theme. The last time we did our movie show and followed it with Singin’ in the Rain. Not really the same theme except we sang about movies, old and new, and then watched a classic film. This time, we are doing a show about food and how the subject of food is used in song as a metaphor for finding love, losing love, sex, as status, as a way of saying goodbye, in marketing, and as entertainment. I’m very excited about the show – I like all the songs we’ve picked and I think we’ve put them together very creatively. And the movie is one of my favorites, starring Monk‘s Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci (Julie & Julia, which I haven’t seen yet). It’s about two Italian brothers who come to 1950s New Jersey to open an authentic restaurant and are met with skepticism from a market that thinks nothing but spaghetti & meatballs is REAL Italian food.

We’ve been marketing this show much more than we did our May show. Our February show was full, even though our marketing was primarily via Facebook – but that didn’t work for May. We put up a lot of posters, mailed postcards, and did a lot of BOGO deals for my students, WAC members, neighborhood association members. I’m hoping it pays off. Even without a BOGO deal, $15 for a live show + a great movie is a steal. So please come – we’re good, really! 😀

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