Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I am

I am grateful that my summer schedule was so full, and that I got to enjoy working with returning students (Maureen, Julia, Elyse), and with a whole bunch of talented newbies (Grace, Grace, Rose, Joanne, Luke & Anna), as well as the rest of my wonderful students.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with wonderful peers and learn new things about CCM at the Shendandoah Conservatory with Jeannette Lovetri and her master teachers. And to enjoy being out on the east coast again, which is ultimately where I belong (but not just yet – maybe 5-10 years).

I am grateful for the creativity of my peers and musical partners, and for their acceptance of my creativity.

I am grateful I made it through a summer schedule that crammed 5 days’ worth of singers (plus the returning ones and newbies – see above) into a 3-1/2 day schedule. A schedule that will not be repeated again next summer, I can tell you that right now!

I am grateful for a husband who prepares wonderful meals for me at the end of my teaching day, and a wonderful dinner for the party held yesterday at the end of the teaching season (the summer season, anyway). And for those who came and partook – and for those who didn’t, hey, there’s a lot of tax-deductible leftovers for us to enjoy!

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