Letting people go

Today I had to tell a long-time student’s mom that I could no longer work with that student anymore. There have been too many no-shows, examples of thoughtlessness, “forgetting” checks, breaking promises … and I haven’t been doing the student any favors by accepting excuses, rescheduling missed lessons, or accepting payment weeks late. It has to stop for my own self-preservation as well as to teach the student that there are consequences for bad behavior.

I’m sad about this. I hate letting good singers go, even if it’s for good reasons. And this student has a great deal of potential – great musician, fine young voice, and smart.

The two students that I’ve had to let go because of trust issues were both people who professed to be beyond-devout Christians… and I’ve caught both of them in lies.

One thought on “Letting people go

  1. \”I set you free\” becomes the mantra. You have certainly done the right thing – I would much rather work with a \”less\” talented singer who is there for the right reasons, than a so-called \”talent\” who has NO idea! Brava!


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