Top Ten Things That Make Me a Happy Voice Teacher

1. When a student posts a line of a song I’ve given her or him as his/her Facebook status – “I’ll find myself at the end of the world where the earth and the sky are one.”

2. When a student tells me she’ll remember singing the Dead Nuns Chorus from Carmelites for the rest of her life.

3. When a student tells me that she loves opera – and she’s only 13 and came in to the studio a year before only liking bluegrass and boy bands and I haven’t even given her opera to sing, she’s just heard other people doing it and wants to do it too.

4. When the parent of a student who has just done her first ensemble recital tells me, “Your studio is full of really nice, supportive kids, and they made my daughter feel at home.”

5. When someone tells me her high school senior project is about vocal pedagogy.

6. When a kid who formerly only followed heavy metal headbanging tells me that he is now obsessed with Wagner. (Honestly, it’s not that much of a stretch.)

7. When a girl who formerly swooned over the Jonas Brothers now swoons over Placido Domingo – at least on recordings.

8. When a brand new student can read the IPA I’ve written on my dry-erase board.

9. When I told my students that Richard Miller died, and most of them said, “OH NO!” (Again, my base is grades 9-12.)

10. When students see a song from Street Scene or Lady in the Dark or Threepenny Opera and immediately blurt out, “I don’t mean to be curt, but give me that vial!” (See L.A. Law)

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