Hitting the Right Chord: How Music Programs Boost STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology) Education has become a major focus for schools, often to the detriment of a school’s music program (although somehow the athletic department always manages to keep their funding). As I’ve written recently, March is Music in Our Schools Month. But what if your school doesn’t have a solid musicContinue reading “Hitting the Right Chord: How Music Programs Boost STEM”

Music in Our Schools Month

The celebration of Black History Month is over, although Black history continues to flourish and enhance society (check out my studio FB page for the 28 artists to whom I paid tribute during February). Now it is March, and it is Music in Our Schools Month! (AKA MIOSM) Not everyone knows this, but my undergrad degreeContinue reading “Music in Our Schools Month”

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