Voice Teacher vs. Vocal Coach?

When you are at the professional level, or even a student in a prestigious conservatory, a voice teacher and a vocal coach are two separate entities.
Strictly speaking, the voice teacher teaches you vocal technique – breath management, resonance, proper alignment, articulation, phonation, and helps you with extending your range and navigating vocal registers.
The vocal coach might focus on specific elements of your performance: 

  • Diction 
  • Musicianship 
  • Interpretation 
  • Performance Practice/Style 
  • Or a combination of all these elements

With Mezzoid Voice Studio, you’ll develop your vocal technique in one-on-one lessons (Curiously Strong Singing). But you’ll become a performer in recitals and showcases, studio classes, workshops, mini-courses, and masterclasses with internationally known clinicians with whom Christine has worked in both her performing and teaching careers (Curiously Strong Performing).

Mezzoid Voice Studio is committed to serving all of its students, 

past, present, and future, and recognizing diversity and equality as essential elements of that service. Hate has no place in the studio.

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