Almost Ready...

I am almost done with the new studio website, which I have built all by myself using WordPress. It was a learning curve, and it’s not completely done (for some reason, the studio portal is giving me just as many fits as it did with the previous platform, except for this time, at least, I know my webmaster isn’t going to ignore my requests).

There will be things to tweak, and things to improve, but I think it looks pretty great so far. One thing I added was a space for resources: what kind of things I have in the studio to make lessons function at a high level, suggestions for things you should consider getting to do the same on your end (there’s even an Amazon shopping list I curated just for you all), a list of accompaniment options, both live and virtual, and an overview of some of the resources in my music library. At first, I was going to type out a list of things, but then I thought, “I have a camera. Or at least a phone with one.” 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In order to fully encompass what’s in my library, I would probably have to take a thousand pictures. (I have a lot of music.) But here’s just a sampling of what I have to draw upon in my teaching:

And with that in mind, there are going to be studio classes beginning in a few weeks and one of the things I want to have you work on is knowing more about your craft. Who wrote the song you’re singing? Are they still alive? What was their life like? I’d like you all to be more “curious” about everything that we do. 


Registration for the 2020-2021 season will continue till September 30, but if you have a lesson scheduled before then and have not registered, please do so. 

Contact me if you have questions

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