Online Studio Technology

  • Lessons offered online using Zoom (preferred), Jitsi, or Google Meet (if on a Chromebook)
  • Lessons scheduled via Acuity at
  • Payment accepted online at time of appointment
  • Asynchronous lessons offered via Marco Polo or other video platform as agreed upon between student and Christine
  • Christine is planning to start using Cleanfeed in combination with Zoom in order to improve the sound quality (must be used on a Chrome browser) – more info on Cleanfeed here 
  • Other options will be explored, including JamKazam, Soundjack, etc. as time goes on and Christine’s tech skills grow more savvy

Suggested Online Lesson Equipment (Students)

  • Laptop or Tablet for streaming lessons
  • 2nd device for playing accompaniments
  • External microphone
  • Light source to be placed on the other side of your streaming device’s camera
  • Music stand
  • Blow pipe to work on breath (if you’re my student, you’ll be getting one of these)
I’ve created a list of dream products on Amazon. You don’t need to get any or all of them – they’re just suggestions. (I just ordered the convertible music stand, which I strongly recommend!). You can find that link here.

Online Accompaniment Options

  • Appcompanist 
  • Musicnotes/Sheet Music Direct
  • PianoTrax 
  • Virtually Vocal
  • YouTube/Spotify
See March 2020 blogpost for an overview of the different options

Vocal Coaches/Accompanists

  • Ryan Cappleman (Milwaukee) – available for online vocal coaching and recorded accompaniments (musical theater) Email
  • Richard Carsey (NYC) – available for online vocal coaching, recorded accompaniments (classical/musical theater) Email
  • Michael Sheppard (Baltimore) – available for recorded accompaniments and vocal coaching (classical/musical theater) Email
  • Michael Tan (Baltimore) – available for in-person and recorded accompaniments and vocal coaching (classical/musical theater) Email
  • Aaron Thacker (Baltimore) – available for in-person and recorded accompaniments and vocal coaching (classical/musical theater) Email
  • Will Zellhofer (Baltimore) – available for in-person and recorded accompaniments and vocal coaching (classical/musical theater) Email

Christine's Library

Some of the books I use for vocal technique
IPA is my life
Life is but a stage
Performance Practice
Alexander Technique/Feldenkrais & Mindset Work
Auditioning, Preparation & Marketing

(Plus an absolutely ridiculous amount of print music)

Plus even MORE Benefits

  • Open Studio option through Christine’s membership with the Speakeasy Cooperative to bring in international voice teachers to consult, offer advice, or just be an audience
  • Studio classes (free for MVS members) to perform your pieces for a supportive community of fellow singers
  • NATS member offering competition, performance, and educational opportunities
  • Masterclasses, courses, workshops offered with discounts for studio members

Mezzoid Voice Studio is committed to serving all of its students, 

past, present, and future, and recognizing diversity and equality as essential elements of that service. Hate has no place in the studio.

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