Why should I join Mezzoid Voice Studio?

Mezzoid Voice Studio offers a variety of benefits:

  • Membership in a studio with fellow students and studio alumnae who have been finalists and winners in competitions at both the local and national levels, who have been accepted to top music and theater programs in the U.S., and who have gone to perform in regional theater, national tours, and on and off-Broadway
  • Opportunities for you to work with master clinicians with whom Christine has worked as a performer and as a teacher
  • As many creatively curated performing opportunities for you as possible
  • Lesson packages that allow flexibility while maintaining a standard of vocal study to foster consistent artistic and technical growth
  • A strong sense of studio community, where students are encouraged to support each other and collaborate to create, even if they don’t go to the same school or even live in the same area
  • Encouragement and support, respecting the level at which students are at any given point in their development.

How can I join Mezzoid Voice Studio?

There are several options!

  • If you are new to Mezzoid Voice Studio (MVS) and would like to see if we’re a good fit, you’ll need to set up a Vocal Discovery Session. A Vocal Discovery Session is a one-hour consultation in which Christine will help the student explore their strengths, target areas of improvement, and identify vocal exercises and repertoire that will help them to become an MVP (Musically Vibrant Performer). A written evaluation of the session will be provided within 48 hours. If, after the session, the student decides to purchase a package, a credit of $15 will be applied to the package chosen. (Specific packages apply.)
  • If you would like to observe an online lesson, please set up an appointment to arrange for a time. You can do this at Ask Me Anything. You can do this if you have any questions in general, as well
  • You can use the contact form below and Christine will get right back to you!

Join MVS and become an MVP!

Contact Christine for more information



Mezzoid Voice Studio is committed to serving all of its students, 

past, present, and future, and recognizing diversity and equality as essential elements of that service. Hate has no place in the studio.

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