What happens in a voice lesson?

  • The Warm Up: A lesson usually starts out with some stretching to get your body ready to sing. Then we start with exercises to get your voice ready to sing. This can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on where you are in your vocal studies, what you’ve done before your lesson, and what you need on that particular day, both to serve yourself and to serve the song(s) you’re planning to work on.
  • The Repertoire (Songs): Once you’re ready to go, we work on the song(s) you’re preparing. Sometimes the song might be one that you’re going to sing next week; sometimes it’s something you’re working on for a future performance; and sometimes it’s something you might never sing again, but it’s preparing you for something else (kind of like vocal “training wheels”). 
  • Digging Deep, Technically: Christine will usually have you sing the song all the way through and note the parts that are working really well, and the parts that need some attention. Then you’ll go back and she will help you to use what’s working to help the parts that aren’t at the same level yet. Working techique can be painstaking and picky – but you’ll wind up being able to count on it when you sing it (or something like it) in front of an audience, whether that’s for an audition, in a theater, or just on karaoke night.
  • Digging Deep, Artistically: Christine will also help you delve into the song and find what the text means, both in context of the song and, if it’s from a show (a musical or an opera), the context of the show. She’ll help you find clues in the music to tell you what the composer wanted. She’ll tell you the history of the time in which it was written and how it influences the style. Again, it’s picky. But it’ll set you apart as a singing artist, not just a singer.

Am I Old Enough/Too Old?

  • Am I Old Enough to Take Voice Lessons? Christine is a firm believer that children should take voice lessons. They are singing and they can and should develop good habits and basic technique early. There are many teachers that do wonderful work with young singers, either one-on-one or in group classes.
    Currently, Christine is more comfortable with working with middle school and high school age students, as well as avocational and professional adult students. She has taken on younger students occasionally, but at the present time, she prefers working with students 11+.
  • Am I too old to take voice lessons? Of course not. Please. 

Are Lessons Online or In-Person?

For right now, lessons are online. Christine has worked diligently to create a platform via Zoom, Jitsi, or LiveLab to make online lessons a positive thing. In addition, she’s using the sound processor Cleanfeed to enhance the sound quality. Some of her students have actually benefited more from online lessons because:

  1. They have to become more independent and really tune in (no pun intended) to the pitches that they’re singing, since Christine can’t help them out while they’re singing by playing along
  2. They don’t have to depend upon a ride to and from their lessons, or be stressed out because they have a million other places to go
  3. Christine can hear and see things that she might miss if she were accompanying them – jaw tension, alignment, expression (peering right into someone’s mouth and saying, “What on earth are you doing with your tongue?” in a way that might be frowned upon in an in-person lesson)
There are things that can make it better – check the Studio Resources page for a list of suggestions.

When are lessons and how do I sign up?

Christine teaches Mondays through Thursdays as follows:

  • Monday 3:45-8:00pm
  • Tuesday 11am-1pm; 2:00-6:30pm
  • Wednesday 2:00-6:30pm
  • Thursday 11am-1pm; 2:00-6:30pm
  • Saturday 12:30pm-4pm (I’d like to fill all weekday times first and save those for reschedules)
  • Studio classes on Saturday mornings TBD

See the New Students page to find out to set up a complimentary Ask Me Anything Session or just go ahead and set up a Vocal Discovery Session. 

The 2020-2021 term begins September 8, 2020 and ends June 5, 2021. 

How Long Are Lessons & What Do They Cost?

It depends. I offer several packages for people who want to commit to a course of vocal development. Current packages are:

  • The Performers’ Package: Thirty 45-minute lessons for the young pre-professional
  • The Busy Professional: Twenty 60-minute lessons for the avocational/professional adult student
  • Pick 4: Four 45- or 60-minute lessons for the student who is unable to commit to a full year
Depending on circumstances, custom packages may be available.

For the student who doesn’t wish to commit at this time, they may choose to select the Drop-In option and take whatever time might be available. The rates for Drop-In lessons are $65/$80 respectively.

Masterclasses and workshops are priced separately based upon the service. See
Studio Events for examples.

Please feel free to contact me by email or by clicking below to book an Ask Me Anything session, and we can discuss what MVS has to offer.

Mezzoid Voice Studio is committed to serving all of its students, 

past, present, and future, and recognizing diversity and equality as essential elements of that service. Hate has no place in the studio.

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