Release / Receive / Release / Resist

Someone wrote on FB today: Let’s pretend we’re creating your mantra – three words you say to yourself when you need motivation, inspiration, courage or strength. What is YOUR three word mantra? So I wrote what I’ve come up with as my approach to breathing, specifically for singing: Release / Receive / Resist. Actually, IContinue reading “Release / Receive / Release / Resist”

The Awakening/Staying Woke

I’ve been thinking a lot about the terms “staying woke” and “awakening.” The Urban Dictionary definition of “stay woke” is “to keep informed of the shitstorm going on around you in times of turmoil and conflict.” It is often associated with movements such as Black Lives Matter, but is also being used with the resistanceContinue reading “The Awakening/Staying Woke”

Solemn Joy and Sudden Spark

Energy. It’s really all about energy. That solemn joy and that sudden spark (from the song “Our children” from Ragtime). Your energy on stage, whether you’re acting, singing, dancing, conducting or playing an instrument, has to be palpable. It has to draw in not only the audience but your fellow actors. There needs to beContinue reading “Solemn Joy and Sudden Spark”

Singing Outside the Box (is that a good title?)

As a classically trained singer, I have been trained in the International Phonetic Alphabet so that I can sing in a myriad of other languages, some of which were required of me academically, others contractually, and some just because I wanted to. I have sung in Italian – multiple operas, art songs, etc. French –Continue reading “Singing Outside the Box (is that a good title?)”

The nobility of PERFORMING

Last year I went to the NATS Chicago conference and bemoaned the fact that I had taken an unintentional hiatus from performing for nearly 10 years. Specifically, I posted on Facebook: Something that makes me a little sad is that, although my voice is still working just FINE, thankyouverymuch, I missed out on performance opportunitiesContinue reading “The nobility of PERFORMING”

Some reflections ( a year late) on NATS 2016

I am having the best summer. The weather is perfect, I’m teaching at home, I closed a show in May (Little Women, as both Marmee and director, debut for both), wrote and put on a cabaret show in less than 4 weeks after that, and am getting into the best physical shape I’ve been inContinue reading “Some reflections ( a year late) on NATS 2016”