Chick Singers

I was doing some thinking about female pop singers – aka “chick singers” – whose work I particularly enjoy. I’m not including musical theater singers who moved into pop (e.g., Streisand, Midler) because I wanted to be a purist about this, although I may include some who went the other way. Some of these singers may be ones with whom you may not be familiar.

Linda Ronstadt
Ann Wilson
k.d. lang
Alanis Morissette
Patsy Cline
Christina Aguilera
Lady Gaga
Annie Lennox
Amy Winehouse
Lisa Moscatiello
Queen Latifah – on her Dana Owens jazz/pop CD
Patricia Barber – jazz
Joan Baez
Judy Collins
Grace Slick
Florence + the Machine
Jennifer Hudson
Juice Newton
Joni Mitchell
Aretha Franklin
Shaun Murphy
Cher (a guilty pleasure)

And locally –

Ellen Winters
Alaria Taylor

Most of these are big voices – if not belters, just big and full and rich.

I’m planning to read The Singer’s Ego¬†while I’m on vacation next week and write a review of it. That’ll be my next post. There are a lot of things going on in my head right now, many ideas, some restlessness. I’m hoping I can find some kind of focus for them all.